DUI Defense

How long do police have to charge you with a DUI? We know inquiries keep popping into your head. We protected many clients before with the same ticket trouble like yours and intend to extend our hand to you as well. We dedicated ourselves in protecting you from negative effects that can happen as a result of your traffic ticket violation.

We handle the following kinds of traffic violation cases in Lansing, Michigan:

  • Driving Without Proof of a Valid License Privilege
  • Under the influence of Drugs while driving
  • Driving with Revoked License
  • Driving Without Valid Car Insurance
  • Driving with Suspended License
  • Using Your Cellphone While Driving
  • Careless and Reckless Driving Offense
  • Passing a School Bus
  • Tailgating / Following Too Closely Violation Ticket
  • Failed To Give An Adequate Signal
  • Failure-to-Yield Motor Vehicle Collision Ticket
  • Driving The Wrong Way Down Ticket
  • Improper U-Turn Ticket
  • Driving with Cancelled License
  • Failure to Stop at Red Light Violation Ticket
  • Failed to Pay a Traffic Fines Ticket
  • Failing to Stop at the Scene Of An Accident Involving Injury Or Damage
  • Parking and Speeding Charge Ticket
  • Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device Ticket

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If you need a speeding and DUI defense traffic in discuss your case with an established legal professional, we are available to discuss. We know you want to fix this concern as fast as you can. Since 1992, we have been extending our help to a lot of auto drivers in Lansing, Michigan to solve their traffic Violation issue. We are offer FREE legal consultation to help you understand more about your case. Right now is always the perfect time to resolve your problem. Grab your phone and dial our number at (517) 939-9011 now!