Traffic Citation

We are ready to respond to all your traffic related questions. We know you wish to address this concern as quick as you can. For more than twenty years, we already help vehicle drivers reduce and remove penalties, fees and points on their driver’s license. We dedicated ourselves in safeguarding you from negative implications that could occur because of your traffic ticket offense. We are knowledgeable in court proceedings.

We have effectively represented clients with traffic violation, including:

  • Driving without a Valid Driver’s License
  • Driving With A Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)
  • Driving on a Revoked License Privilege
  • Driving with Cancelled Driver’s License
  • Driving Without Auto Insurance
  • Vehicle driving without insurance
  • Driving while License Privilege is Suspended
  • Wrong-Way Collisions On Divided Highway
  • Texting While Driving Ticket
  • Driving while Driver’s License has been Cancelled
  • Disobeyed Traffic Control Device Traffic Ticket
  • Reckless Driving Ticket
  • Failure to Stop for School Bus Ticket
  • Illegal Lane Change Traffic Ticket
  • llegal Turn Violation Ticket
  • Running a Red Light / Stop Sign

Getting pulled over is a significant hassle for every person. Need a traffic ticket defense traffic defense lawyer in Lansing, Michigan you can count on? You don’t have to worry because we are here anytime you need us. Do not wait for the next day to solve your issue. Grab your phone and dial our number at (517) 939-9011 now!